Things That Function as a Book
Repurposed wot-nots from the archive and recently assembled pieces.
Bookworks display at UWE Bower Ashton Library, Bristol - 4th September to 30th October 2018

Our work is prompted by things we find, wrappers, sacks, stickers, bags, ornaments, texts, graphics, toys, cardboard boxes, dolls, games, songs – objects like this excite us. The work is in reaction to the things we bring home and the everyday places we visit – like the supermarket.

An archive of sorts, the handiwork is contained in boxes and bags in the spare room where we tend to spend time categorizing and sorting the bits and pieces we collect.

We are interested to echo structural details of books and are curious about the simple action of opening and closing and turning pages.

We want to make books, of sorts, but not necessarily conventional structures… in other words, a dollshouse becomes a book; the plastic rooms punctuated with furniture stickers come to be the pages.

The following things have helped us realize the structure and processes of making: the precincts of our home; our spare time outside of work and the fun, focus and thinking involved in piecing things together to form simple sequences that somehow work.

We are motivated to explore the work as an evolving archive of our collections and making activities converting found miscellanea to book/page type-works.

Defaced, repurposed, nonsense books made by us.

Fake books with crazy titles.

Folded croissant or funny potato bags. Plastic toy firestation.

This is our thing. These are our books.


List of work:

  1. Three Tarsta leaflets
  2.  Patons knitting leaflets catalogue
  3.  Barbara Dickson All For a Song audio cassette
  4.  Banana Kitchen - How to make a Fantastic Banana Display mini DV tape
  5.  Gold Xmas cake platter
  6.  TY Classic cat kitty plush
  7.  Dartmoor Eggs Honesty Box
  8.  The shop till
  9.  How I Feel Today
  10.  Louise Taylor folder
  11.  Shirehorse - found image
  12.  Chocolate box packaging / Cats Whiskers
  13.  Boutique fake magazine cover
  14.  Ice-cream napkin + found glitter confetti
  15.  The Craft Gallery, Capitola Village gift box lid with gherkin jar dispenser part
  16.  Boozy choc wrapper
  17.  Moods
  18.  Pony rider - found image
  19.  Notes (or why did I leave it behind) / Police Academy 3: Back In Training folder
  20.  Whiskers cat food packaging push-outs x3
  21. Nothing whatsoever to do with windmills
  22.  Life drawing object – toy dog
  23.  Garlic net bags x2
  24.  My Online Painting Course
  25.  Flimsy book with Amazing Express bookmark
  26.  Sticking plaster
  27.  Bag containing two plastic straws & an elastic band
  28.  Drawing of a dog
  29.  Sporty person – found image
  30.  Book made from photocopied cross-channel ferry colouring-in book
  31.  Blue Skies Comfort fabric conditioner box
  32.  Horse gift wrap                  
  33.  Gerbil – found image
  34.  Bristol Polytechnic Handbook 1978-79 depicting two white tigers (kindly lent by UWE Bristol Library, Bower Ashton)
  35.  Bundle of collected paraphernalia         
  36.  The Prima Pattern x3
  37.  Plastic dolls house bought in Barnstaple / Country Bus timetables
  38.  Dolls house base
  39.  Ways to Bypass These Organizations, bundle of collected paraphernalia
  40.  Chef frieze
  41.  Squashed tin foil oyster dish



with thanks to Sarah Bodman.