Pineapple Falls... The Museum
Things we've done so far.
Quiet study area UWE library, Bower Ashton campus, Bristol - 4th March to 12th April 2017

Carefully chosen pieces from our archive are presented in the artist book cabinets.
Work includes handmade books, artworks & miscellaneous items accumulated through shopping, gifting and selectively collecting domestic refuse.

List of work:

  1. Long-haired doll.
  2. Set List 1 (2015). Fake song titles.
  3. Rhubarb pie dish.
  4. Cats. 19 colour guides.
  5. Sausage Plate (2015).
  6. The Sainsbury Book of Cocktails and Party Drinks, a slim book for live readings.
  7. Plastic Books 1 & 2 (2017).
  8. Fancy (2015).
  9. Plastic Book 3 (2017).
  10. Figurine with placard. Placard being a gift from artist Jean McEwan on the occasion of Wonderful Grotto at Cavern with Spacex, Exeter. Quote from NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND: zines and the politics of alternative culture by Stephen Duncome, 2009.
  11. Shop glue stick - always by the till for fixing a collage.
  12. Casdon cash register - 50p from the Brownies Jumble Sale, Totnes -the shop till.
  13. Tiger. Office Spike; mostly sits by the till.
  14. Dog sticker, from original Wonderful Grotto box; a cardboard cosmetics box full of small editions and the inspiration for Wonderful Grotto the pop-up shop.
  15. Electronic cash register from RSPCA charity shop, Penzance – the second shop till.
  16. Fake 45s (2015). Cardboard cut to the size of 7” singles.
  17. Brioche bag book (2017).
  18. Readings from Teach Yourself Project Management by Phil Baguley. An Internet broadcast by Pineapple Falls, Friday 5th June 2015, 10pm.
  19. Lucky Bag (2015).
  20. A Testament to Susan Fassbender.  Three 7” singles with associated delivery packaging, sourced for the Internet broadcast by Pineapple Falls, Friday 1st May 2015, 10pm.
  21. Boutique (2014). Fake magazine cover.
  22. Sugar Fold (2015). From a series of collaged easy fold books made from old sugar paper stock. We like how sugar paper fades over time.
  23. Sausage (2017). Book.
  24. Fashionable (2014). Fake magazine cover.
  25. Atlas. Fragment of cardboard box collected late at night from Tesco shelf fillers’ wire-cage trolley.
  26. Crapbook (2015).
  27. Pizza packaging from Amsterdam research trip, 2016.
  28. Found image.
  29. Pale Blue Plastic Book (2017).
  30. Noodles. Shop window display from DIY show Something Else, Ashburton 2015.
  31. Grey book cover from stationery shop, Amsterdam.
  32. Palm Trees (2015). Game board with found image.
  33. Amazing Express. Accessory from electronic cash register (see item 15)
  34. Book of Rules.
  35. Clouds (2015). Panty liner wrapper presented in this instance within UWE library book DAVID, 759.05 DAV.
  36. Funny Face. 10p charity shop toy purchased for life-drawing activity, presented here on collected cardboard box plinth.
  37. Please return my book PHILLIPPA.
  38. E.T. Storybook, from Stand Alone Book Unit, PAC Home Salon at St Saviours, Plymouth Art Weekender 2015.
  39. Collaged H&M bag.
  40. Sugar Fold (2015). From a series of collaged easy fold books made from old sugar paper stock
  41. The box that we keep stuff in with attached Christmas cracker shuttlecock.
  42. Desktop pen, a gift for Paul from Maddy, Barcelona 2016.
  43. Reverse of a cut found image.
  44. Dog poop bag.
  45. 12 Joy. Fibre-tipped pens, a gift for Paul from Maddy, Barcelona 2016.
  46. Collection of cut cat food boxes.


with thanks to Sarah Bodman.


Download list of works here