Stand Alone Book Unit
Site specific assemblage,
Salon at St. Saviour's, Plymouth - September 2015

Pineapple Falls presented a stacked structure of outmoded bookshelves, magazine racks, DVD console units and bric-a-brac, supporting a destabilized personal library of altered books with fake titles, issued for browsing during this salon event.

Our fake book titles; Cosmic Loneliness, Fashion Blunder, The Baffled Wizard, Cats, Playthings, Crêpe Suzette, Before You Go, Horrible Tragedy, Cumbria, Erotic Embrace, Cats, Monte Cassino, supplemented with the playful insertion of the Robert Lenkiewicz Library's fake wooden book; St. Anthony the Abbot.

Salon at St Saviour's was a pop up exhibition organized by PAC Home as part of Plymouth Art Weekender. Participating artists Mo Bottomley & friends, Rosie King, Kate Paxman, Pineapple Falls and Marcy da Silva Saude responded to St Saviour's long and complex history; formerly a church and Robert Lenkiewicz's library.