Something Else
Test Space & show of papery things
Art Space 57, Ashburton - 6th to 14th November 2015

Pineapple Falls' first DIY show Something Else is the result of a week of experimentation; using the gallery as a test space with papery stuffs and objects collected.

This also served to showcase their bookwork Schlagmetal; featured in the recently published Artists’ Book Yearbook 2016-17.

List of Works

1. Noodles - ceramic cats, hand cut collected papers, plastics & foils
2. Squid - Carluccios paper bag, hand cut collected papers & plastics
3. Stockings - ceramic figurines, plastic mesh
4. Tom Tom - broken ornament heads, Ikea straws, glass bottle
5. Bunny Stocking - ceramic figurine, plastic mesh, paper
6. Streamer - cardboard box, wooden spoon, wrappers from 300g bag of Böhme Frucht Karamellen, wooden effect paper rug
7. Sausage Plate - supermarket packaging, gold effect chain
8. Lamb - H&M carrier bag; fragment of found image, gold effect necklace
9. Remove This Panel - cardboard packaging, 2 blue map pins
10. Fake 45s - card cut to size of  7” singles, cardboard box, paper collage trim
11. Clouds - panty liner wrapper, blue dot
12. Apricot - faded no-mobile-telephone sticker
13. Konfetti - unopened bag of confetti, pink peg, gold coloured thread, drawing pin, collage
14. Shadow Piece - found box packaging, embroidery thread, 2 white map pins
15. Executive - paper bag, gold coloured thread, clip
16. Plenty - found paper towel
17. Romantisch i - chocolate wrapper, cardboard box, gold thread
18. Castle Cottages - ceramic house, yellow rope
19. Babe Table - paper table cloth from BABE 2015, Ikea straws, cardboard tubing, clips, favourite picture
20. Wall Unit - 2 cardboard boxes, found images, Viscount biscuit wrappers
21. Honey - cardboard box, found images
22. Romantisch ii - chocolate wrapper, cardboard box, gold coloured thread
23. Tiger- paper spike, found images
24. Tuna & Salmon - pet food boxes, ceramic cat
25. Marmalade - trio of marmalade jar tops, found images
26. Shell i, ii & ii - card, fluorescent paper, found images
27. Cutter - silver paper, 2 white map pins
28. Fancy - found images, game board, cardboard 
29. Hobby Horse - chess piece, pick-up stick
30. Teacakes - cardboard box, furniture legs, game board, found image, paper fringe, mdf, ceramic bunny